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"Profit Pro #3"
Now a software program that won't cost you an arm an a leg.
A software program that produces results far better than programs costing
hundreds more.
This program is not your everyday run of the mill program. There are dozens of programs on the market, All based on the same factors. Pretty much pace of the race is everything today. Unfortunately after many years of playing that way myself, I found that it was only a part of the handicapping game. Anyone can figure the pace scenario for a race, and if you can't all these other programs will easily do that for you. The only problem is that if they don't come out of the gate right - bye bye pace scenario right away. Watch the races and see for yourself.
Most programs today use the same key factors that have been use since the start of the game. Some use them basic and others compound these numbers in a great number of ways to produce a massive load of numbers that really only lead to confusion. Of course if you lose with these massive amounts of readouts it's not the program that lost, it's you for not picking the right number out of the barrel!!
Also notice, the more readouts the bigger the price.
Over many years and thousands of races (not thrown through a computer program and looked at the results)individually handicapped by hand with no computer program, I came to the conclusion that what was needed was a program that was based on far more than pace, but on the individual factors that shown the best profit potential by themselves. Once this was accomplished the chore was to balance these factors.
A few years later this was accomplished.
Thus was born "Profit Pro #3"
Now "Profit Pro #3" is not an automatic program. Ok, so many of you reading this will now depart as you want that automatic program. Download into it and presto you have your readouts. Wonderful! Unfortunately you will also guarantee that in the long run you will not win.
Let's look at reality here.
An automatic program that wins?

End of racing folks!!
You cannot win without knowing how your program is working,and if the information you are putting into the program is working or not. If you are entering your own info than you have the control to alter it to the point where you are seeing better results.
Now entering info into "Profit Pro #3" is not a difficult task at all.
Just enter info from your favorite past performances (about 2-5 minutes a race) depending on your typing ability and familiarity with the program procedure.
Handicapping horses is one of toughest games to beat, if not the toughest.
The more you have control and knowledge of what you are doing, the better your results will be.
"Profit Pro3" is not a fancy program at all. Glit and glitter and pretty colors have never won a horse.
Unfortunately for many they do very well is producing sales.
With "Profit Pro3" you will not only get the program, but you will also receive 2 very useful additional handicapping aids. Completely Free!
1) "Contender Pretenders" - an easy to use set of rules that will eliminate horses from contention before you start to handicap, with a accuracy percentage as high as 95%.
2) "Right Line - Pace Line" - another easy to use point system for selecting pace lines.
This little system has proven to outperform the most sophisticated pace line selection systems out there.
It may be worth the price of the program alone.
These 2 items along with the "Gold System" for wagering will give you everything you need to be a handicapper that knows what is happening and is at the top of his game.
We will also show you which type of races are the best to play and which ones you should never play.
If you truly are serious about having the best possible chance to beat this game than come aboard and start your journey.
I am also available by phone or email for any questions you might have 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 7 days a week.
Now here's the best part - not $995, not $500, not $400, not $300.
Free "Contender Pretenders" Free "Right Line Pace Line"
Free "Gold System"
Get "Profit Pro3" for just $149 complete with the "Gold System", "Contenders Pretenders" and "Right Line - Pace Line"
Oh Yes, Free priority shipping too!
You will normally receive your copy in 2-3 business days.
Still have a question send me an email or call me toll free 1-866-655-0118
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